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  1. Somewhere It Has To Start: This song can be seen as a remake of E-Swing from my album 4 Weeks At Home. So you can read my comments on that song to get some further details. And it clearly resembles Clapton's Somewhere over the rainbow from One more car, one more rider, again. I took the idea of a final ending with every instrument in unison from songs like Clapton's Hard times from Journeyman.
  2. Listen To Me: The title of this song refers to the song itself and has to be understood like "Listen to me and decide what to think about me and whether you like me!". The song is a quite calm blues scheme but very nice to improvise on. I like the organ, which also has a solo part and how it switches its vibration on and off.
  3. Some Things Never Change: This is a romantic song and because of that my original thoughts about the title concerned women. So you can read the title like "Some things never change, women will always like those dreamy and romantic songs".
  4. By-Product: I used to develop and play those chords with the bassist of our church in a series of styles we used to play every sunday after church service - see next song. So the title means that this song is a kind of by-product of our weekly playing after service.
  5. Every Sunday: Here we have another melody our church bassist and me used to play every sunday after church service. The beginning of the song consists only of two alternating chords. I invented them to demonstrate some easy chord scheme to another member of our church who had just started playing the guitar so that he could practise something. In the middle of the heavily improvised song the style is changed to a more rock'n'roll-like style - as it is typical for me... After two thirds of the song, the speed is slowed down brutally to the speed of a slow blues - my favourite one. After that phase everything switches back to the initial rhythm and chord scheme again.
  6. Look Back: The title of this song has to be understood related to time. Perhaps this style doesn't go back as far as The Saloon from Another Day but should reach back to the 30's of 40's, I guess.
  7. Don't Know: I really didn't know how to call this song. Its pattern, voices and solos are admittedly not easy to understand but I nevertheless found it worth publishing it. Somehow the over-distorted guitar got me. Towards the end I'm trying some tapping again.
  8. Chill Out Carefully: I was inspired to play a song like this by the wonderful french group Air, mainly by song from the album Moon Safari. The trumpet-like sound in the beginning is actually a quite manipulated distorted e-piano. Shortly after half the song there's a part where the piano plays some chords alone. This is taken from La femme d'argent by Air where something similar happens. The title means that one should surely relax while listening to this song but be aware of all those carefully edited and manipulated parts of the song. In the final seconds there's a heavy ending crash of the drums.
  9. My Reason To Stay: And once again here's a slow minor blues which has so often pulled my soul out of some cruel depths of life. Besides the personal meaning of the title for my life there's another one: The way of playing is inspired by Walter Trout! After approximately two thirds of the song I start imitating Trout's famous "guitar violin" technique where a string is played with the volume of the guitar turned down and immediately increased afterwards. Hereby a very soft sound is created which resembles the sound of a violin. In particular, the style of the song is taken from Trout's mighty song The reason I'm gone from the album Live Trout. My title is also a bit of a wordplay on Trout's title.
  10. Disadvantage: Once again, I'm trying to play some metal or hard rock style. But in my eyes, I'm simply not the man for this kind of music. That's why I called the song Disadvantage. The melody of the lead guitar resembles the melody of Offspring's Self esteem. In the end of the song there's some tapping again.
  11. Find The Groove: The title of this song is an allusion to the fun I so often have had with some of my relatives when we met. My father has five brothers and so I've got quite a lot of cousins. Usually we all meet in my grandmother's house at least once or twice a year and that's always an unbelievably funny and interesting time with more than thirty people around. I usually have my guitar with me and at some point we start fooling around with some music. Of course, then I use to play some blues and that's when we created the so called "groove" - which is to hear in this song.
  12. Changeover: Until the recording of this CD I had always used my first stage piano, a Yamaha P-120. But at a certain time I wanted to make some progress and decided to buy a more sophisticated piano which was the Roland RD-700SX. So the title Changeover means that this is the point where I had sold my old piano and that I'm only producing music with my new Roland. The change is made. In this song I'm trying out some orchestral instruments which sound very interesting.
  13. What Do I Need More: With this song I'm expressing my most simple but powerful feelings towards the blues. I have learned to play my own blues in a way which disburdens my soul very much.
  14. That's It: This song is very much inspired by Clapton's Riding with the king from the album Riding with the king. The rhythm is quite inspiring, as I find.